Tortoise Leaf Shirt (Olive)
by Tortoise

Thrill Jockey
merch 023 • 2006

Girl's One Size$5.00
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Okay so you've been asking for a new Tortoise tee for quite a while now, and this here is the first of two designs that were drawn up by Thomas Campbell for their current tour. (The other one is the Tortoise "Turtle-T" which I explain on that page. Check it out). This one here is the Tortoise "Leaf" design, even though I like to refer to it as the "Corn" shirt. Either way, its printed on a deep olive green color shirt that really brings out the color of the leaf/corn emblem, which is located on the chest, not the back smart guy. It's also printed on the same super high quality, sweatshop free American Apparel shirts that you've come to expect from the Thrill Haute Couture department, save the girl's style tee (we offer the AA girl's size, as well as a girl's style tee printed on a high quality, non- AA shirt)..