Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary Poster #3
by Ryan Duggan

Thrill Jockey
DUG-POS • 2012

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As part of our 20th Anniversary Thrill Jockey wanted to celebrate the significance of the contributions of Poster Artists to our advocacy of our artists. To celebrate their contribution we have comissioned an exclusive set of limited-edition Silk Screened posters. The Artists were given no directives at all, just told to create any poster they would like. It does not have to mention Thrill Jockey or our 20th birthday, although several do. Thrill Jockey will not be keeping any of the proceeds generated by these posters - 100% goes back to the artists.


The third poster available is from Ryan Duggan.


Signed and numbered edition of 45
5 color screen print on Manila Wausau paper.
18" x 24"


Some words from Ryan Duggan : "Back in high school Thrill Jockey to me was "that label Bobby Conn is on," which is really funny to me now, knowing how vast and impressive the catalog is. Don't get me wrong, I meant that in the highest honor but it took many more years for me to grasp what an institution the label was. I wanted to reference the numerous and differing aspects of the Thrill Jockey label with my print while still having some fun. Borrowing from one of my all-time favorite record covers (The Rolling Stones' "Let it Bleed") I tried to highlight the "blood, sweat, and tears" aspect of running a label. Happy 20th Thrill Jockey!"


Posters will be rolled in 40lb. Kraft Paper and shipped in heavy duty professional poster tubes.