Fox Millions Duo - Lost Time

Available: Fri, Jul 24 2015

Greg Fox and Kid Millions each approach their drums with a spiritual reverence. Together, they test the boundaries of rhythmic interplay through subtle and ecstatic means. They are often highlights of the groups they’re respectively known for, Liturgy and Oneida, while concurrently leading cutting-edge ensembles and collaborating with some of the most innovative musicians of our time. Explorative by nature, each drummer is constantly challenging themselves and setting new musical goals, and it is these qualities that have made them in demand not only in New York, but through out the world. Los...

Eleventh Dream Day - Works For Tomorrow

Available: Fri, Jul 24 2015

Since first hitting the road in a battered Econoline van in the 1980s, Eleventh Dream Day continues to build on their history by moving forward musically, while never forgetting what inspired them. On Works For Tomorrow, core band members Rick Rizzo, Janet Beveridge Bean, Mark Greenberg, and Douglas McCombs are joined by James 
Elkington (Brokeback, Tweedy), marking the first
time the band has recorded with a second guitarist 
since 1994. Elkington’s addition has unleashed the band’s strengths. The ferocious and visceral interplay between Rizzo and Elkington charge the band w...

Holy Sons - Fall of Man

Available: Fri, Aug 21 2015

Golden Void - Berkana

Available: Fri, Sep 18 2015

Matmos - Ultimate Care II

Available: Fri, Oct 16 2015