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  • Panabrite

Disintegrating Landscape

immune-042 - 2016

Second edition now in stock and shipping after quick sell out last year. Limited to 100 copies on chrome plus tape, this time with orange shells and white imprints.

In late 2014 Panabrite’s Norm Chambers began stitching together recently collected bits of sounds and field recordings to create a sort of epic travelogue of ideas and movement, where things end up in stark contrast to how they begin. Initially Disintegrating Landscape was one continuous 47-minute piece, but has now been edited for cassette; each side a stand-alone piece with themes that recur throughout and carry on the idea of it as one larger piece. Chambers did a fair amount of traveling down the West Coast during the summer of 2014, collecting photos of many coastal regions and reflecting on the idea of the gradual decay of land into the ocean; of continuous movement and evolution. The music reflects this notion with its underlying bed of familiarity, yet the turbulence near the top is constantly shifting and eventually swallows everything.

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