No Kind Ending V.2

Drug Space
DSRE 01025 - 2008

No Kind Ending was originally commissioned by the Australian Label Diagnosis Don't Panic to be released as a 3" CD-r. The plan was to have it released in time for a European tour White Hills was about to embark on and it was...the only problem was the band never received their copies. At the last minute No Kind Ending V.2 was put together for the tour. It's a sprawling wash of synths and echo guitars that contains the 16 minute track originally recorded for Diagnosis Don't Panic, plus an 8+ minute track put together specifically for V.2 version.

"...just White Hills main man Dave W. solo, echo guitar and synthesizers, unfurling a woozy, buzzy, softly undulating chunk of star speckled spacedrone, think Expo '70, Tangerine Dream, Zombi, Klaus Schulze, total blissed out planetarium lazer light show druggy kraut rock drift. Melodies unwind slowly through gently warped streaks of ominous whirring new age-y shimmer, and the whole track just seems to expand, to open up, like a time lapse vision of the death of a star or the birth of a universe, colors and streaks of white light swirl endlessly, creating delicate melodies, draped over a deep subsonic thrum, and delicate spidery whirring tendrils of crystalline sound, driven by a barely audible buried pulse like rhythm, blurred into a gauzy soft focus bit of divine cinematic space kraut drift."
-Aquarius Records



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