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Vinyl Rites
RITES-40 - 2014

This is not a split, but a total collaboration between both bands on all tracks.  LPs are pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, heavy weight covers, and have letter-pressed inserts by Beck Levy.

This material is available on CD and/or Digital download HERE

"THOU has been active for over 7 years, honing their sound over dozens of releases. Stereogum called their most recent full length, Heathen (Gilead Media), "...dark, bombastic, hugely ambitious album of great sorrow, but perhaps even greater beauty." THE BODY is two men who have been recording, playing, and consuming heavy metal together for most of their lives. Their newest LP, Christs, Redeemers (Thrill Jockey), is so original and devastating that The New Yorker called THE BODY "...[One} of the most remarkable acts bubbling up from the extreme-metal underground." On this collaboration everything comes to its peak. Everyone's voice is heard, through instrument or otherwise, clearly defining their role in the project. All the things that make both groups special are apparent and fleshed out." - Vinyl Rites  


  • 1 The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills
  • 2 Manifest Alchemy
  • 3 In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer
  • 4 Coward (Vic Chesnutt)

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