25253 sewn


staartje019 - 2006

Apestaartje co-founders Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp follow up their critically acclaimed self titled debut as 'Mountains' with this second offering of slowly evolving sound. Recorded over several lengthy excursions outside the confines of the city in upstate New York and Connecticut, 'Sewn' invokes a sense of ease and delicate precision. A beautiful combination of clean crisp texture and warm pulsating harmony that shows a group developing and expanding their sound with an extreme attention to detail that reflects new layers in each melody and texture. Eight tracks that combine acoustic instrumentation (guitar, piano, accordion, harmonica etc..), binaural field recordings and resonant electronic processing to create a wide range of electro-acoustic experience. From the folkish acoustic guitar of 'sewn two' and 'bay' to the densely layered organic din of 'hundred acre' and the psychedelic minimalism of 'sheets', 'Sewn' shows a group as equally invested in melody as it is in experimentation.

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