Some Forgotten Country

Sound at One Records
sa177 - 2007

"A true solo endeavor, this LP is the debut of D. Charles Speer on long player. Recordings over a span of 4 years have been assembled here into a rumination on loss in its many forms - loss of direction, loved ones, home, mental acuity, money, and emotional stability. Half the tracks showcase Speer's resonant baritone vocals, while the others feature instrumental excursions both contemplative and fierce. The playing evinces influence from hillbilly, honky-tonk, west coast rock and mid-eastern sources, melding into a wholly American blend. Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl and limited to 500 copies."



  • 1 Nathan's Gully
  • 2 Bound To Ride
  • 3 Furze
  • 4 Humid Nimbus
  • 5 The Janissaries
  • 6 House Of Gold
  • 7 Tombstone Every Mile
  • 8 Stingray Leather
  • 9 Zeybekis Hut
  • 10 There Stands The Glass
  • 11 Spiral Betty
  • 12 Excursus Mastoura

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