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Where Does Your Mind Go?

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Immune 011 - 2010

To coincide with the release of Expo 70's new album Journey Through Astral Projection, Immune now has a cassette edition of Nov 2010's epic Where Does Your Mind Go?.

Where Does Your Mind Go? has now sold out of two vinyl pressings. This new cassette edition is limited to 125 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with full color J-cards and pro-printed cassette shells. Also included is a free download coupon.

Since 2003 Justin Wright’s Expo 70 project has been pushing drone and Kosmiche Musik to new realms, creating a layered world of sound that brings the listener to alien lands and foreign terrain while maintaining a dreamlike quality with shifting melodies and moods. Constant touring and a string of critically acclaimed albums released on labels such as Kill Shaman, Beta-lactam Ring, and Peasant Magik have clearly brought Expo 70’s name to the forefront of modern drone and Kosmiche Musik.

Where Does Your Mind Go? is the brand new studio album from Expo 70 recorded during one prolific evening in 2009 while on an East Coast tour. The recording was tackled by Jason Meagher (No Neck Blues Band, D. Charles Speer & the Helix) at his Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York. On the recording Expo 70 founder Justin Wright is joined by part-time player Matt Hill (Umberto) and the two truly capture time and stand it still. Where Does Your Mind Go? is a 74 minute journey released on deluxe double LP and comprised of four long-form tracks that each take up a side of the two LPs.

The drum rhythm of the album’s opening track “Close Your Eyes and Effortlessly Drift Away” will surely put the listener in a relaxed trance. Delicately strummed notes from guitar and synth slowly surface and come to the forefront, building as the guitar melodies shift and flow alongside majestic ambiance that is eventually joined by a moody bass line. Side B’s “Night Dusting the Atmosphere” is a more electronically driven piece that conjures the best of mid-70’s Klaus Schulze with darker moods that sound more like a 70’s horror film than a loose drift into space.

The second record shifts as “Transgressing Outward Which is Inward” opens with a pounding synth loop and is accompanied three minutes later by piano. Clocking in at nineteen minutes this track’s brooding synth melodies and fluttering piano notes build into a John Cage-like choral resonance. It’s not hard to lose time while listening, as the moods of each instrument delicately transform and intertwine.

The last song recorded during this eventful night is the album closer “Ancient Hawk Soul Takes Flight”, a heavy and morbid psychedelic affair. Dubbed out sitar lines and organ melodies build off delayed echoing reverb and morph into trance drum loops while spaced-out synth parts are accompanied by a dubbed-out bass.

Where Does Your Mind Go? is the sound of Expo 70 breaking into new terrain and is an epic statement from an artist already so highly regarded. The album will also be one of the most widely distributed and available of the Expo 70 catalog and is also rare in that it was recorded in a proper studio (almost all Expo 70 recordings to this point have been recorded in Wright’s home studio.)

The remaining songs captured during these recording sessions will be released later this year on Immune as a companion album entitled Journey Through Astral Projection.

Expo 70 will tour the US for two months this Fall in support of the album release.


“If there was ever an ultimate soundtrack for blowing the hatch and floating free, doomed to a languorous eternity of drug fueled drift and buzzing rumbling psychedelic space rock torpor, this is most certainly it.” – Aquarius Records

“Justin Wright however, has a knack for perfectly expressing the eerie calm just after destruction. His ambience hangs in the air like the crushing weight of extinguished souls, and when the guitars do come in they hang on the air with just the right amount of detached iciness. These are the tones that soundtrack the desperate calm and infinite endlessness of space” - Raven Sings the Blues

“the smoky thickness of the guitar/Moog/organ/drumbox recall the phosphorescent ghost mystery Laurence Cook used to embody when he’d drape a sheet over his head and drum kit, then flail sideways into the the gaping yawp of the 0-mind. The music here is like a private lightshow in your bedroom.” - Byron Coley, WIRE



  • 1 Close Your Eyes And Effortlessly Drift Away
  • 2 Night Dusting The Atmosphere
  • 3 Transgressing Outward Which Is Inward
  • 4 Ancient Hawk Soul Takes Flight