• Ilyas Ahmed

With Endless Fire

Immune 020 - 2012

With Endless Fire was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk in Portland, OR and cut to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE in Phoenix, AZ. The album is housed in a heavy-duty old-style tip-on gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton and includes a free download coupon. The LP is limited to only 1,000 copies.

Cassette edition limited to 150 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with full color J-cards and pro-printed cassette shells. Also included is a free download coupon.

Since 2005 Ilyas Ahmed has been blurring the folk/drone/raga/rock realms into a sound that is uniquely his own. A string of self-released CDrs in 2005/2006 brought Ahmed immediate attention and he soon released landmark albums on Time-Lag, Digitalis, and Root Strata. In 2010 Immune began working with Ahmed first giving his first two albums Between Two Skies & Towards The Night a deluxe 2xLP vinyl release and then in 2011 releasing a split 7” between Ahmed and Steve Gunn for Record Store Day.

Ahmed’s brand new album With Endless Fire was entirely written, performed and recorded direct to analog tape by Ilyas Ahmed in Portland, OR. It is Ahmed’s first album since his 2009 release Goner (Root Strata) and continues the much fuller sound presented there, giving us his unmistakable voice with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, organ, and drums.

Ilyas Ahmed on With Endless Fire : “This record started out during an extended period of decline and gradually shifted focus to let more light in, to reconcile the murky depths and the ecstatic highs of everyday life. I wanted to make music that was “of” rather than “by”. It was the first time I felt there was no separation between head & hands, instruments & speakers, microphones & air, fuzz pedals & tape machines. The songs are inspired equally by memory, loss, love, and electricity.”



  • 1 Now Sleeps
  • 2 Skin In Circles
  • 3 Stained Sky
  • 4 Every Minute Of Every Hour (For JR)
  • 5 Sapphire
  • 6 My Mirage
  • 7 By The Light