180gram 2xLP
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  • 01. Roses And Teeth For Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • 02. Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan
  • 03. Tract For Valerie Solanas
  • 04. Public Sex For Boyd McDonald
  • 05. Semen Song For James Bidgood
  • 06. Snails And Lasers For Patricia Highsmith
  • 07. Germs Burn For Darby Crash
  • 08. Solo Buttons For Joe Meek
  • 09. Rag For William S. Burroughs
  • 10. Banquet For King Ludwig II Of Bavaria
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The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast

Matador Records
OLE-677 - 2006

The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast, Matmos's 5th full length album, a staggering collection of sound portraits paying homage to such iconic figures as Valerie Solanas, Darby Crash, Joe Meek, Larry Levan and Ludwig Wittgenstein, is both the duo's most melodic and most conceptually ambitious recording to date.


A funkier, funnier affair than "The Civil War", but also a far darker one, "The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast" includes guest contributions from Antony, Kronos Quartet, Bjork, Laetitia Sonami, Kalonica McQuesten, Maja Ratke and others.


The album is accompanied by ten specially commissioned works of portraiture by visual artists like Dan Clowes, Jason Mecier, Michael Bernard Loggins and others, that depict the subjects of each song (Levan, Meek, Solanas, etc.).


The CD packaging for this one is over the top too with a stunning die-cut cover that will beautifully display the portraits. The LP does not have the die-cut, but it does have the portraits laid out in the gatefold sleeve with a handy timeline of the subjects involved as well as a non-CD bonus track "Kendo For Yukio Mishima."