• 02. Finding Love in a Highly Confidential, Custom-Tailored and Focused Manner
  • 03. The So-Called Commission to Promote Vice and Combat Virtue
  • 04. Actress or Prostitute, or Actress/Prostitute, Blues
  • 05. Call, Click or Come
  • 06. Cut it Out
  • 07. The Comforts of the Coffin
  • 01. I’m So Happy I Could Scream, She Whispered
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Cut it Out

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 262 D - 2011

Cut It Out is the fourth album in Matthew Friedberger’s 2011 Solos series. The album was created with drums and machines that play drums and things which can be made to sound like drums.

For details on the series see Matthew Friedberger's Solos subscription page