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Solos (8 LP Subscription)

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 262 - 2011
Solos subscriptions are now sold out.

Download "Shirley" from Napoleonette, the first LP in the Solos series.

Choose your shipping location to the left (PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING) and await a year of music from Mr. Matthew Friedberger. You will receive one limited edition vinyl LP album of original and exclusive music from Matthew Friedberger every two months of 2011. The first album entitled Napoleonette, will feature the piano as well as Matt singing. This album ships to you in January 2011. The second album will feature the guitar.

Albums will ship every two months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov).

There are six albums in fully artworked jackets.

The last album will ship to you with 2 exclusive full-length bonus albums featuring Matt and special guests on each.

Subscribers will also get an old-style “Tip On” LP box with a hand mounted photo in their last shipment.

The edition is strictly limited to 700 and will not be available digitally, or on compact disc in it’s complete form.

A very limited number of albums will be available for sale as individual albums online and in stores.

The box and the two bonus albums will NOT be available in stores, but ONLY to subscribers.

Matthew Friedberger is a Rock-N-Roll Goings-On Person-From-Chicago.

Born many years ago now, his interests--his "likes" as we say--include the following. Mediterranean Matters; Old Phone Books; "that beautiful place where the White Sox play baseball" (Dominic Pacyga); Jean Paul; James Brown; the IBM building; Chicagoism in General; Rhetorical Capitalization; the SNCF jingle that plays immediately before any announcement; Old Blind Writers from London; the Sidney Siblings and their Friends; what's written on some The Fall album covers; the Brontë Brother, Branwell; Lonely Trailer; I Love You, Big Dummy; Johnny Hodges; Jaki Byard; The Who in 1972; John Culshaw; The City of Bridges; magasin général; Music Written Down in Old Books from Old Shops in the Lands of Yesteryears; So Forth; and so on.

Friedberger has a group called the Fiery Furnaces with his sister, Eleanor. The band's put out 14 LPs since 2003.

Friedberger's subscription series Solos's started. Solos consists of 6 LPs, each featuring one instrument and one instrument only--and singing. (Subscribers also receive 2 additional, entirely original, as the expression goes, bonus LPs.) The first album, Napoléonette, consists of piano and vocals; the second album, Meet Me in Miramas, guitar and vocals; the third album, Old Regimes, harp and vocals. So on and so forth, 'til 6--or 8.

The Songs on the Albums also include Lyrics. Napoléonette has "When I touched his tambourine..." and other rude things in semi-disguise. Meet Me In Miramas goes "Damn" and "Heck" and "Hell", and even "Warm-Ups". The chorus to one of the songs is: "I was the first woman tax collector in the history of the state of Missouri--wherever that was. Like I knew! Like I'm supposed to know."

Old Regimes says, "New habits...."

If you see Friedberger in some street you can be sure to ask him for further information. You might recognize him from a photo somewhere on this page.