3" Mini CD + Book
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Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar Discography


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Gyromancy (Handcrafted)

Thrill Jockey
thrill 195 - 2008
Robert A.A. Lowe and Rose Lazar have blessed us with a limited edition series of 100 handcrafted copies of the Gyromancy book/CD release. Each book is 100% percent unique and is painted by Robert and Rose on their respective sides. The books come housed in a loose fitting custom made fabric case with a tie at the top, and silkscreened on both sides. As with the standard version, the 3\" mini-cd of original music created by Robert A.A. Lowe comes included with the book. We have 50 copies of the handcrafted version available for our mailorder customers.


gyromancy n. : fortune telling by walking in a circle until dizzy; the fortune is determined by where the person falls.

Thrill Jockey is proud to present Gyromancy, the latest in our series of limited edition book + CD packages. Following the release of Daniel A.I.U. Higgs Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot and Aki Tsuyuko’s Hokane we have a new pocket-sized edition to the series. Gyromancy is a 4” x 6” soft cover perfect-bound book featuring artwork from Robert A.A. Lowe and Rose Lazar. Included with the book is a special 3” CD featuring the music of Robert A.A. Lowe.

Robert Lowe was a member of the band 90 Day Men and currently plays music under the name Lichens. He is an absolute fixture in the Chicago music and arts community. Rose Lazar runs her own hand-printed goods company called The Great Lakes Goods.

Gyromancy looks at future past, neo antiquity, ritual magic, and patterning. The book represents a dream walk through nature and all of it’s influences. Repetition of imagery keeps you aware of the cyclical patterns that nature presents us with. We get caught up in these patterns without noticing them, to the point that you have to stop and take a harder look. Gyromancy is an attempt at taking a harder look.

The music composed to accompany the images in the book is there to do just that. To add yet another dimension to the world that inhabits it’s pages.

The music was created at home through organic synthesis, which projects a science fiction aspect into the natural magical aesthetic, producing an alien landscape which we are familiar with.