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The Skull Defekts Discography


  • 01. Knives, Birds, Stones & Pyramids
  • 02. Waving
  • 03. Six Sixes
  • 04. Hydrophobic Baptism
  • 05. Unholy Drums For Psychedelic Africa
  • 06. Habit
  • 07. Skull & Tounge
  • 08. Urban Ritual
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The Temple

Important Records
IMPREC235 - 2009

"The Skull Defekts is a band from Sweden in the very North of Europe. Their intense, monotonous, rhythmic and sexual out rock has since their start in early 2005 been spreading energies of various kinds to welcoming audiences and listeners. The DFX is also exploring worlds of noise, the drone and psychedelic electronics on waves on other records but The Temple is deeper, harder, more sex, more occult.

With a background in hardcore, garage rock, post punk and experimental music - The Skull Defekts wear echoes of their past alongside with influences from tribal roots music, sufi rituals, drone, techno, no wave, 80''s Factory Records stuff and it''s surroundings, industrial music, the occult, underground club culture and manipulations of the mind.

Get DFXed. DFX is sex, rhythm and the power of sound." - Important Records