Arizona Amp and Alternator


this band has no members.
no memberships is loud anymore. it is mostly a place to get things fixed.
sometimes such things are dinged but deemed
if it is not broke it won't get fixed.
it is mostly hot here.
we promise we will get right to it sooner or later.
we offer up quadruple A protection and services.
if you are a stickler, you can count on AAAA.
you are listening to QUAD 'A' sound

we'll put a clamp on your old fret
we'll recharge the battery in your tremulator
we'll tune up your rusty machine head
we'll get right to it sooner or later
if you all feel mostly misunderstood
through it all you know it?s too good
to just nix it
well... if it aint broke
don't fix it

if the white one thinks your black
and the black one thinks your white
and the country man thinks you're rock
and the rocker says you're just not right
if the yellow one thinks you're green
and the green one says you're yellow
and the kind one thinks you're mean
and the mean one says you're mellow
does the red one think you're true blue
and the blue one thinks you're well read
well what were you to do ?
compromise your hue instead ?
do you alternate somewhere in between
with the best old sound anyone has seen ?
then that is your country.
that is our zone.
------------------------------- -- --- - -- - -
- - - - - - HEAD MECHANIC howe gelb