Directions in music by Bundy k. Brown, James Warden and Doug Scharin is an lp by the named artists. Bundy is the former bassist with Gastr Del Sol and Tortoise. James currently plays guitar with 40k and Doug records and performs with Rex, June of '44 and his own project Him.

Comments from Ken Brown:

"I guess at that point, I'd felt the need to try and make some new recordings, as I'd been out of Tortoise for a little while, but still anted to continue making records. I called James, who I'd basically played guitar with as long as I'd played guitar, and Doug, who I'd met years before when Codeine were recording at Idful, and bounced some ideas off of them. The notion that the whole record was built out of studio work from the original weekend session is a little false, as there are some things I'd been kicking around before and during Tortoise, but never brought to the group because we were in a strong no-guitar phase. There's even one thing that James wrote when we were in college together, though that's in a radically changed form. Other pieces were more spontaneous, and then some started out as not much, and were expanded considerably once they'd been recorded."

"Without a doubt, that recording was a great learning experience for me. I had never really had full run of the studio in the same way, and like the first Tortoise record, I owe a lot to Brad Wood for just letting me run amuck in the studio without having to worry too much about time or anything. We didn't really take a lot of time to do it, but it was nice not having any pressure. I want to say I'd only engineered one or two other sessions start to finish prior to the Directions record."

"The name comes from some of the Miles records you see fromthe '60's and '70's. A number of them had "Directions In Music By Miles Davis" written in the title. I kind of liked the continuity of that, that he had this concept that he was pursuing different ideas, different avenues of expression,and wanted to make that explicit to his fans, many of whom had followed him to that point through a number of different concepts. I admire the way his vision evolved. I think it was an expression he used to say "here are some different sounds", not necessarily "I'm forecasting the direction of music to come", though that would have been appropriate. I'd actually wanted to put that onthe cover of the first Tortoise LP. I realize there was some criticism of my using that as a band and/or album name, a lot of people, even a musician-turned-writer friend of mine who seem to think there was an implied "NEW" at the beginnng of Directions. I can't really see where that comes from, since it's clear from the first notes on the record I'm not pursuing any new direction. I think my concept, my "vision" as Grubbs would called it, has remained fairly consistent, from the first Gastr EP, through the Tortoise records I participated in and the Directions album, and the stuff I've done since, even remixes."

"I wouldn't rule out further Directions projects. Doug has definitely become more busy in the last couple of years. He has his own band, HIM, which was formerly more of a side project, but now is a full time commitment. James is just James. Finding the time for him is not the difficut thing, he is just used to a very different working situation with the bands he's been in."



    Directions In Music

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