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Fox Millions Duo is the convergence of two of New York's most sought-after percussionists, Greg Fox and Kid MIllions. The duo's sophomore effort Biting Through employs modular synthesis to lift their already inventive music in unexpected ways. Performing together for a few years in the NYC area, Fox and Millions (John Colpitts) appreciation and understanding of each other’s playing is immediately obvious. Biting Through explores an astounding breadth of ideas over six sprawling compositions. Fox and Colpitts’ mastery of their instruments allows them to effortlessly switch gears to inflame tracks with visceral intensity or give way to ecstatic release. The pair plays intuitively, creating complex architectures of rhythm. Biting Through pushes the sonic and compositional potential of the drum kit to the limits, expanding the duo’s arsenal with modular synthesis to create some of their most fearless and exhilarating music to date.

Shades of Fox’s collaborations with noise and black metal artists can be particularly felt in the harsh textures of the title track and album opener. Each of Biting Through’s six tracks were written and recorded as a single improvised session. Overdubs were eschewed. Synthesizer sounds generated by running contact mics into their modular system allowed the duo to create layered and complex music live. Starting with a single idea, the duo would play it through to explore its potential, before stopping to discuss new ways in which they could approach the material. Fox would equally experiment with different settings for the modular synthesizer on takes, allowing them to change the parameters both literally and metaphorically for approaching pieces. Engineer Ernie Indradat then worked with the duo to shape and sculpt the mass of raw improvised material into the final tracks. Using his own modular setup, Indradat worked to strip down songs to their most compelling sections. The resulting tracks combine the sheer exhilaration of the duo’s live performance with the creative ambition and detailed composition of their studio work.

Biting Through was written and recorded over the course of two weeks in the summer at Menegroth Studio with Colin Marston. During that time and since, Fox and Colpitts have both maintained an impressive schedule of solo releases and collaborations. Colpitts plays in Oneida, helms Man Forever and is one half of People of the North. Colpitts has played regularly with Royal Trux, Laurie Anderson, Jim Sauter, Spiritualized and more. Fox has recently released music with Zs, PC Worship, Uniform and Ex Eye with Colin Stetson, and has collaborated with artists from Dan Deacon to Hieroglyphic Being. Both musicians continue to push themselves creatively, exploring rhythm’s role as the beating pulse of all music.




    Biting Through

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