The Lonesome Organist


Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeremy Jacobsen, aka The Lonesome Organist. Forms and Follies, the third album by the musical phenom, was recorded at the Casa della Sheila and at the Cold House by Jeremy Jacobsen.

"The Cold House is a harsh mistress. It is an ice-encrusted cottage (that could be mistaken for a garage) where I recorded most of this record. My steel drum has lived here for a couple of years now in fear of the hammer and circular saw on the adjacent shelf."

The entire album was recorded on no more than 8 tracks - many with less, featuring Jeremy playing nearly everything and often simultaneously. For the first time the Lonesome Organist was not entirely alone, as bassist Nick Macri (Bobby Conn) joined on bass for the "Moon Fugue" and "Robot Fugue". Pre-recording the old fashioned way, Forms and Follies was scored and arranged on paper before entering the studio, with an emphasis on melody. The opening track "Cold House" picks up where Cavalcade left off, with The Lonesome Organist playing toy piano and Accordion. "Only if I get you" and "One of Me" are delicious Doo Wop numbers inspired by the early Sun Ra singles, and more obtusely the city of Milwaukee. Jacobsen sings of all of these lamentations and love laced tales of trial and redemption:

"I'm in trouble again / My trouble has only started 100 days at sea / A million swarming bees Only if I get you / Only if I get you"

"Walking to Weston's" was written while walking to, well… Bob's to pick up a notebook that he kindly rescued from the clutches of the neverbeseenagains. It is a lovely little modal cannon. "Who's to say your soul's not carbon" and "Multiplier" are classic rockers from the Lonesome Organist; that is, rock in the style of his debut release and live performances. These songs feature the Lonesome Organist playing drums, guitar, singing, and playing keys all at once. Core! What a feat! It was antics such as these that drew attentions of fans such as Tom Waits and David Bowie. Jacobsen, an accomplished pianist and organist, is a jaw dropping mass of musical talent with an overactive imagination. A truly singular artist with a taste for the vaudevillian, The Lonesome Organist manages to reinvent himself with every release, expanding his musical forms far beyond the novelty of their delivery.




    Forms and Follies

  • 1 The Cold House is a Harsh Mistress
  • 2 Only If I Get You
  • 3 The Moped
  • 4 Walking to Weston
  • 5 Who's Tosay Your Soul's Not Carbon
  • 6 The Multiplier
  • 7 One of Me
  • 8 Blue Bellows
  • 9 The Victory of Sheila's Nap
  • 10 The Moon Fugue
  • 11 No Place for My Kitten
  • 12 The Robot Fugue
  • 13 Four Notes
  • 14 Postlude to a Happy Ending
  • Tracks