Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar


In early 2008 Thrill Jockey released Gyromancy, a limited edition art book & CD release from Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar. Gyromancy featured a 3” CD of music from Robert A.A. Lowe and was accompanied by a 72 page perfect-bound book featuring the art of both Lowe and Rose Lazar.

Thrill Jockey is now happy to present Eclipses a limited edition LP-only release again featuring the music of Lowe and the visual artwork of both Lowe and Lazar.

Eclipses is an extension of Gyromancy. Remaining in view of what came before and altering the vision. Pushing out beyond natural terrestrial landscapes into those slightly more cosmic or alien in scope. It makes an appropriate addendum to the onset of this particular phase.

The music was recorded at home by Lowe utilizing semi-modular and polyphonic analogue synthesizers. Accompanying the full length LP is a 12” x 36” double-sided full color poster showcasing the artwork of both Lowe and Lazar. This is again included to properly voice the images, which end up as a sort of storyboard to the music.