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Thrill Jockey
thrill 156 - 2005

ADULT. is Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus. D.U.M.E. was recorded in November 2004 in a studio built by ADULT. in Detroit. This marks their second release recorded entirely to tape. (The first was a split 7" with Detroit's Dirtbombs where they discovered the rich sound produced when working with tape.) Also marking a change from previous releases, many of the songs on D.U.M.E. had been played live thus allowing each to evolve a great deal before they were recorded. Aside from "Don't Talk" all of the songs on this release are new and exclusive to D.U.M.E. "Don't Talk" was previously released in an entirely different form on the Dutch label, Clone Records. "Hold Your Breath" marks a distinctive new music approach for the band with the addition of the guitar and two different choruses. This best exemplifies the direction ADULT. will be taking with their upcoming album.

Adam Lee Miller previously played in the band Le Car. He founded Ersatz Audio in 1995. Nicola Kuperus has run the label with Adam for the past eight years. Well known for her unique styles of photography, Nicola's work is represented by the Bucket Rider Gallery of Chicago. She is also responsible for the ADULT. album artwork. Together they have remixed songs by Bobby Conn, Tuxedomoon, Erase Errata, The Faint and many others.

D.U.M.E. is ADULT.'s Thrill Jockey debut. After distributing Ersatz music for several years, the two have decided it would be a good idea to collaborate and release an album together. This will allow the band to focus purely on their music and touring without the burden of supporting their tour and handling various label responsibilities. This is by no means the end of Ersatz Audio or ADULT. on Ersatz Audio



  • 1 Hold Your Breath
  • 2 The End
  • 3 Get Me Out
  • 4 D.U.M.E.
  • 5 Hairing Impaired
  • 6 Don't Talk (Redux)