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Everyone Alive Wants Answers

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Thrill Jockey
Thrill-476 - 2003

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"My first album, released in 2003 on The Leaf Label and made during the year 2002 in my tiny studio flat in Paris, while I was going through an unbelievable amount of records in the Paris music libraries, looking for gems which I could sample for this new music I was making on my first computer. The album also contains a 4-track tape recording from 1995 of my first-ever instrument, a small Bontempi organ I got as a child, on “A Swimming Pool Down the Railway Track”. At the time of making the album I was completing teacher training and was just hoping that this album would be released somewhere, somehow, and had no clue that it would be the first step on this path I’m still walking."



  • 1 Everyone Alive Wants Answers
  • 2 Ritournelle
  • 3 Carry-Cot
  • 4 Your Heart On Your Sleeve
  • 5 Goodbye Sunshine
  • 6 One Night And It’s Gone
  • 7 Long Live Mice In The Metro
  • 8 I Was Deep In A Dream And I Didn T Know It
  • 9 Babies
  • 10 Sometimes On A Happy Cloud
  • 11 A Swimming Pool Down The Railway Track
  • 12 In The Train With No Lights
  • 13 Nice And Simple.