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I Can See Your Mom From Here

Thrill Jockey
thrill 017 - 1995

Gaunt's debut full length after a string of vinyl only releases on labels such as Anyway, Datapanik and Get Hip, I Can See was recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago and paid for in car parts. It marked the first time the band had moved out of the basement and off of four track. With Steve's earnst while engineering the band was able to maintain the ferious nature of their live set and record a blistering set of songs. I Can See was voted one of the best punk records of the year when it was released



  • 1 I Don't Care
  • 2 Rich Kid
  • 3 Turn To Ash
  • 4 Ohio
  • 5 Scandals
  • 6 Purple Heart
  • 7 Greatest Days
  • 8 Jerkin' Yourself Around
  • 9 Weekend
  • 10 Hangover
  • 11 Worry
  • 12 Manson-Nixon Line
  • 13 Dead Man's Coat
  • 14 Revolution To Spite Your Face