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In Evening Air

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 235 - 2010

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"One of my favorite records of the year, hands down." - Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley

“Future Islands’ sound is as texturally interesting as it is rhythmically accessible - music designed for both heads and feet.” - NPR Song of the Day

CD version packaged in a 4-panel digipack with 4-page booklet.  LP version includes artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon.  

“Replacing the dance-pop movement with rich characterization and storytelling, they’ve found themselves at a pleasant distance from most formal genre comparisons. Their music is playful but steeped in subtle detail, with both emotional heft and a pungent sense of theatricality... Drawing from a few different traditions while making them their own, Future Islands prove here to be a well-versed group of wild, woolly storytellers.” - Pitchfork (7.6) 

“There is an uncommon thrill in hearing a band discover and deliver a fresh approach, and this is what Future Islands achieves on the nearly perfect In Evening Air.” - PopMatters (8/10)

“The album is a bottom-of-the-heart outpouring of pop music. Harrowing and addictive in equal measure” - BBC Radio One

"So good it might kill you. If you turn it up loud enough it, it has the power to override your basic survival instincts for eating and sleeping in favor of just playing it over and over." - Tokion Magazine

Comprised of J. Gerrit Welmers (synthesizers and programming), William Cashion (bass), and Samuel T. Herring (vocals), Future Islands has continued to make passionate music through an electronic medium for the past four years. [Although, the three have been working and performing since the spring of 2003.] They call their music "Post-Wave," taking in part from the emotional fragility of New Wave and coupling it with the power and drive of Post-Punk. 

Future Islands' music is spearheaded by Welmers, whose layers of synths and drums create the landscape for Cashion's punching-strum style, that pulses and fights--the two--creating noise and bliss. Herring, who has been called "one of the most magnetic frontmen in indie rock," finds his space in between. Carving through the music, at times, with a whispering croon, and at others, with a deathly wail.  

In Evening Air marks the first full-length release from Future Islands since moving to Baltimore, and also their first full-length release as a focused three piece. However, there's no lack of spirit in this paring down. More so, there's a greater intensity and eye to detail than we have yet witnessed from the group. These changes are felt and heard. In Evening Air takes us and swirls us around those feelings of growing outside of one's city and one's self. It moves through gripping loss and the search for peace from a heavy head, with an ease and understanding where there was none.

With production by Chester Endersby Gwazda, Future Islands fuses together their poetry with a dynamic musical range. Traveling from the slow burn to the highly ecstatic while holding on to the quill and not letting go. These songs are answers. They are born from fire and pain, yet are filled with light, acting as breathless testaments to love and it's consequences. But this isn't just a group of songs. This is a book of stories.  From darkly quiescent and imaginative tales, to the passionate burnings of a searching heart. From the fear of being misunderstood and coming to terms with the loss of love. Future Islands speaks a language of forever and always, with an honesty that falls but never touches the ground.

Album art by Kymia Nawabi



  • 1 Walking Through That Door
  • 2 Long Flight
  • 3 Tin Man
  • 4 An Apology
  • 5 In Evening Air
  • 6 Swept Inside
  • 7 Inch of Dust
  • 8 Vireo's Eye
  • 9 As I Fall

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