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Thrill Jockey
thrill 075 - 1999

The next full-length is in the works, but the fans can wait no longer. The adoring public is at times overwhelming, and no one knows it more than a performer of the stature of Mr. Conn. The success of his last release, Rise Up!, pushed his already anxious listeners to a fever-like pitch. Unable to ward them off any longer, Bobby has been forced to provide the public with a tonic, a pacifier, to ensure stability and safety within the rock community.

Llovessonngs , a 4 song ep, features Conn interpretations of the Ham/Evans track, "Without You, " and the Caetano Veloso composition, "Maria B." For, "Without You," Conn began where Nilsson Schmilsson left off-right in the heart of the FM dial. Joined for the recording by well known percussionist Michael Zerang, Conn's performance of, "Maria B.," sounds like an out take from his recent residency at Caesars Palace. Inspired by French socialite Virginia, Conn composed a song that may only be familiar to those that joined him at his snow bunny bash in San Moritz. Ending at the beginning, "Free Love," works itself up into a deep groove that has been rated NC-17 by our friends at the RIAA. All songs feature the sultry French violinist Monica BouBou, and there are guest appearances from the Crème of Chicago's Classical and Jazz community. (Fred Lonberg-Holm-Cello, Jeb Bishop-Trombone, Ernst Long-Trumpet, Lise Gilly-Flute, Darin Gray-Bass, and Sara Allen-Drums).

Anyone lucky enough to have seen a Conn performance knows that he puts the "E" in entertainer. With Llovessonngs, Mr. Conn ups the anty and makes the strongest argument yet for his place on the Walk of Fame. Take a swig of the tonic, keep some ice handy, and sit tight as Bobby gets ready to guide you through a spiritual renewal.



  • 1 Free Love
  • 2 Virginia
  • 3 Without You
  • 4 Maria B