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Make It Happen

Thrill Jockey
thrill 074 - 1999

The National Trust has never been stronger. For once, politicians are faced with the problem of deciding what to do with the excess, not the lack of funds. While Congress debates scenarios and haggles over spending initiatives, only to have the President veto any possible legislation regarding the surplus, some enterprising souls in the inner sanctum of Washington power have acted decisively. Circumventing the NEA and the red tape to which it is intrinsically linked, these Washington insiders have thrown tax dollars that are caught in the logjam between the Executive and Legislative branches at a music making endeavor that will make no money, receive no accolades, and certainly make no waves in the music industry. In doing so, a small part of the budget surplus problem has been solved. With the production of the new 7" record from The National Trust, a small slice of that surplus pie has been consumed, if you will, and the citizens of the United States are that much better off. When one is attempting to rid the State of excess citizen payments, a welcoming option is that of the 7" production. Additionally, if the music on the said 7" is of the happy and smiling timeless pop variety, the project becomes even more fruitful. There is no limit to the dollars that can be taken off the hands of the indecisive elected officials and dealt with in a quick and prodigious manner. Here?s to The National Trust, a quick and easy way to alleviate at least some of the horrific problem facing our government today.


  • 1 Make It Happen
  • 2 Cirile at the Peak of Yarn

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