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Second Nature

Thrill Jockey
thrill 099 - 2006

Second Nature is the highly anticipated follow up to All Natural's groundbreaking and critically acclaimed self released debut No Additives, No Preservatives.  All Natural is fronted by Capital D and Tone B. Nimble,  leaders of  The Family Tree crew of Windy City hip-hop royalty. The Family Tree and its label, All Natural Inc., have been self-releasing their fiercely independent brand of hip hop, slowly turning what began as a hobby and passion into a business of pleasure.   Tone B. Nimble was a member of Clark Kent's seminal  Supermen  DJ crew .   All Natural are known for their sophisticated rhymes  and their refusal to denegrate women.  

For album number two, Capital D and Tone took the time to make sure that all the bases were well covered and thought out. All Natural puts the basic principals of hip-hop to practice with each beat made, rhyme written and scratch laid. Second Nature is the essence of hip-hop past, present and future. Conceptually, the album goes beyond the usual underground topics of freestyling and battling, Capital D and Tone lead by example as the source of excellence that embodies The Family Tree. True to the spirit of all great hip-hop, All Natural invite the talents of The Family Tree and other likeminded Midwestern hip-hop pioneers: The Molemen, Dug Infinite & No I.D., Atmosphere, Lone Catalysts, Mr. Greenweedz, DJ 3rd Rail, and J.U.I.C.E. all make appearances on Second Nature. As the band notes, this album is appropriately titled, because making classic hip-hop tracks is Second Nature to All Natural.



  • 1 Second Nature
  • 2 The Stick-Up
  • 3 Think Again
  • 4 Queens Get The Money
  • 5 Elements Of Style
  • 6 The Next Mile [instrumental]
  • 7 Vegetarian
  • 8 Return Of The Avenger
  • 9 Mr. Sexy
  • 10 Here's The Hate On Chicago
  • 11 Ill Advisory
  • 12 Chatham
  • 13 1_21_01
  • 14 Stellar
  • 15 Uncle Sam
  • 16 Renaissance
  • 17 Liquid Paper 2
  • 18 Godspeed
  • 19 Future Is Now