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Super Roots 9

Thrill Jockey
thrill 197 - 2008

Long regarded as musical pioneers, Boredoms have continually pushed sonic boundaries and inspired musicians for over 20 years. Their albums and their performances defy categorization, each one a completely unique event. The one commonality is that the members of the Boredoms have amazing technical skills as musicians, limitless imagination and the ability to combine the two - as no others have.

Super Roots 9 is a recording of a live show on Christmas Eve in 2004, in Japan. The performance featured a 20-person choir alongside the group. Super Roots 9 is the FIRST live recording of the band ever released. The CD, packaged in a special custom-made Mini Gatefold LP style jacket, will feature artwork by EYE and a 40-page perfect bound booklet with music scores and notations. Boredoms are making this album available digitally for the first time.

In conjunction with the release of Super Roots 9 the band will be on their first extensive tour in over two years. It will be the first time the band has performed “In the Round” in America. Where possible, fans will be able to move completely around the Boredoms and experience it from all viewpoints - to move with the sound - to participate in the motion of the performance! The band’s most recent North American performance was 77 DRUM on 07/07/07 on the lawn of the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park section of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The band led 77 drummers in a once-in-a-lifetime event. They promise more than a few surprises on this tour including the ”Sevena”, a 7-neck guitar. Missed that?  Check out the DVD.



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