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This Is The Wind That Blows It Out

Thrill Jockey
thrill 430 - 2017

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Glenn Jones' debut This is the Wind That Blows It Out  was originally released in 2004 on CD only by Strange Attractors Audio House.  We are proud to give this classic a first-time vinyl issue.  The LP is pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a heavy stock jacket with an inner sleeve including notes and tunings for each song and a free download card.  

From Strange Attractors Audio House: “At long-last, the time is nigh for Jones to release his debut solo album. This Is The Wind That Blows It Out - Solos for 6 & 12 String Guitar is a collection of stylistically ambitious, utterly sublime acoustic steel-string compositions, proving beyond a shred of doubt that Jones is of a rare class of modern compositional guitarists in today's burgeoning avant folk scene. 

In the spirit of the great Takoma Records releases of the 60's and early 70's, This Is The Wind That Blows It Out winds its way through rich expanses of varied stylistic terrain, charting a rich and unique course. "American Primitive" folk and blues, Spanish guitar, slack-key, rustic Mississippi Delta slide and classical forms cozy up fluently to one another, sometimes within the same tune. Glenn Jones' fingerstyle and slide technique is on dazzling display, guiding the music across scenic vistas of mood and color. Opening with the title tune, "This Is The Wind That Blows It Out" meanders with heady grace, "Delta-delica" slide guitar as intoxicating as it is mournful. "Sphinx Unto Curious Men" is the complete version of "Second Victim?", originally found in truncated form on The Strangler's Wife (Cul de Sac); here the opening eerie fingerpicking passage turns a corner into elegant and airy rooms of lyrical décor only to come back again, balancing the angelic with the ominous. "Fahey's Car" bounces and shimmers like some of Peter Lang's classic Takoma sides, and "Linden Avenue Stomp" is an alternate take of a old-timey duet with Jack Rose, originally found on his Opium Musick LP. Perhaps most profoundly, Jones is able to coax strong melodies and hooks from the oft-complex, stylistically amorphous compositions - a couple of spins of This Is The Wind That Blows It Out, and you will have tunes dancing through your head for days. 

As interest in the old guard of steel-string innovators John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke and Peter Lang has been renewed with earnest, a new fraternity of Guitar Soli tunesmiths has come to the fore - Steffen Basho-Junghans, Jack Rose, Harris Newman and Glenn Jones. Along with his guitar-slinging brethren, Jones steps out of the long shadow cast by the Takoma stable and offers up "A New Possibility". This is the Wind that Blows it Out is a fantastic entry into today's simmering free folk movement, a debut album by a singular guitarist who, by way of Cul de Sac, has already turned avant rock on its collective head. Now his sights are set on the contemporary solo steel-string underground. Behold, for this is the New Folk Now Sound.”



  • 1 This Is The Wind That Blows It Out
  • 2 Sphinx Unto Curious Men
  • 3 Friday Nights With
  • 4 Fahey's Car
  • 5 The Doll Hospital
  • 6 Linden Avenue Stomp
  • 7 Nora's Leather Jacket
  • 8 One Jack Rose (That I Mean)

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