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Who Stole the I Walkman?

Thrill Jockey
thrill 080 - 2000

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Who Stole the I Walkman? is the culmination of Isotope 217's last year of performing and rehearsing and it offers their unusually familiar blend of collective improvisation, songwriting, and electronic manipulation.

Isotope 217's latest release is the most accurate representation to date of the balance the group seeks to achieve between live performance and the recording process. That is, some songs such as "THE HARMOLODGE" or "SINT_D" are well crafted compositions, while others, such as "INPUT" are live improvisations.

The balance between the two is evident in a tune such as "METABASS," which was composed in the recording studio from a series of improvised tracks and compositional bits and illustrates Isotope 217’s ability to create atmospheric electronica on a jazz foundation.

Who Stole the I Walkman? is a phrase coined by DJ/ MC/maker of extraordinary phat beats CX (a.k.a. Furman) who accompanied Isotope 217 as an opener for much of their Eastern U.S. tour. His spirit and unique sense of humor and style are represented in the title and off-kilter banging beats of "KIDTRONIX." Also accompanying Isotope 217 on their U.S. tour was the Eternals, whose charismatic frontman Damon Locks contributed vocal stylings to "<<." "<<" was frequently performed as an encore at their shows, and marks an unusual first in the arena of call and response for Isotope 217 on record.

Isotope 217 is: Dan Bitney: Percussion

John Herndon: Percussion

Matthew Lux: Bass

Rob Mazurek: Cornet

Jeff Parker: Guitar




  • 1 Harm-O-Lodge
  • 2 Space Krikts
  • 3 Meta Bass
  • 4 Moonlex
  • 5 Kidtronix
  • 6 | |
  • 7 Moot Ang
  • 8 Sint_D
  • 9 Input
  • 10 <<
  • 11 >>

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