Nrl 001
  • Golden

Apollo Stars

National Record Label
NRL001 - 2002

Ethnomusicology collides with a rackful of gas station sunglasses. In the melee, the four members of Golden (featuring members of Trans Am, The Make-Up/The Scene Creamers/Weird War, Extra Golden, Mars Volta) crack a sixer and decide barbeque is the way to go. This record alone is worth checking out for the drumming of Jon Theodore, who Lars Ulrich from Metallica recently called "the best drummer on the planet".




  • 1 Feel This Flow
  • 2 Napenda Judy (Lakini Bad)
  • 3 Henry Earl Ansell
  • 4 Goldenization
  • 5 Ma Petite Est Mariee
  • 6 Vitamin G
  • 7 The Other Side of The Sun
  • 8 Nikki

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