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Surrender to the Night

Thrill Jockey
thrill 038 - 1997

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Trans am speaks about their new record: "night....inviting and beguiling sensual and brooding sinful and hytnotic a time of rejecting responsibility, of blindly embracing taboo, of the ever present eruptions of love and violence. Trans am have not just explored, but surrendered to the night's watery rush. This is a complete surrender - a disolution of conciousness, a oneness with the nocyturne's ethereal threat and erotic magic. Surrender is an album that emerged from hard work - eleven tracks developed over the past year."

Home base moved from Tacoma Park to Washington DC for the recording of this record. Originally titled Rough Justice, Surrender to the Night was recorded at Trans Manor as well as Chicago's Soma Studios and recorded by John McEntire. Trans Am made use of many of the fine keyboards manufactured by the Roland Company and the Casio Computer Company throughout the recording. The record shows the band moving forward musically and achieving an even greater balance of rock and electronics.



  • 1 Motr
  • 2 Cologne
  • 3 Illegalize It
  • 4 Love Commander
  • 5 Rough Justice
  • 6 Zero Tolerance
  • 7 Tough Love
  • 8 Night Dreaming
  • 9 Night Dancing
  • 10 Carboforce
  • 11 Surrender To The Night

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