Arrested on Charges of Unemployment

Thrill Jockey
Thrill 262F - 2012

Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment is set in an appropriately poverty-stricken manner. As regards its composition, arrangement, recording and performance, in other words, the story is set as poorly as possible.

This involves the record involve only that most pathetic of string instruments. An unwieldy, typical timorous beastie sort of double bass was brought up from a damp and dusty basement, near a train station which goes nowhere, only to endless rain and wind, carried on one's back through the drizzle and the litter, all the buildings grey, all the shops closed, chains rattled by the gusts going, up many many flights of stairs-- and then, and there. There it was played and sung along to, in an as economical manner as one could manage. In other words, in as poorly a fashion as possible.

Sigh. The story set in such a way, or suchaway, involves universal themes, as some people say, excuse the expression. A young woman is depicted, wanting what young woman all over the world want. For example. The freedom to go somewhere else, to go to another country. The freedom to choose one's profession. The freedom to be promiscuous, if they wish and on a whim, and perhaps even simultaneously promiscuous, with admiringly deferential, young, active, men, in unthreatening uniforms. The freedom to have a pet (or ever-dependent non-verbal best friend). The freedom to play the double bass, and sometimes do so as part of a ruse to steal confidential information. The liberty to join a union or professional organization (though in this case, an ex-professional organization). The freedom to, just maybe and perhaps this is pushing it, not share a room with a blogger from Ontario with an eating disorder. The freedom to not be, sometimes charmingly, exploited by a Greek restauranteur. The freedom to perhaps abandon one's children. And most important, most beguiling of all, the freedom, though that is certainly not the right word, to have one's abject unemployment turned, deus ex machina, into fulfilling retirement. Preferably in a beautiful and lively location very close to the Mediterranean.

In other words, then, Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment is a typical bit of let's-not-be-as-obvious-as-possible-please, thorough-going, dramatic--i.e. rock--music. As one simply must attempt in these, if not terrible times, certainly, often dispiriting moments.



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