Thrill Jockey
thrill 114 - 2002

C'mon is Town and Country's 2nd full length for Thrill Jockey, and 3rd album overall. This album picks up where 2000's It All Has To Do With It left off finding the group fine-tuning and expanding the timbre of their all-acoustic/no electronic line up. For C'mon their string-bass/acoustic guitar core is augmented by Jim Dorling's move from harmonium to bass clarinet which he often plays in tandem with Ben Vida's cornet. In addition Liz Payne's adept handling of the hand chimes gives the record an other-worldly feel in conjunction with Josh Abrams' work on the celeste. Compositionally, Town and Country have shifted as well. Their songs were often noted for their length as much as their beauty, but for C'mon the quartet has constructed 7 songs in 40 minutes time. The various members have been involved in many other projects recently. To name just a few; Liz Payne and Ben Vida have recorded and performed in the improvised group Pillow, Josh Abrams has performed with many on Chicago's improvised music scene including Fred Anderson as well as playing on Bobby Conn's 2001 album The Golden Age and touring with Papa M. C'mon is the result of an entire year's labor of love. The album also begins to reveal some heretofore unmentioned influences as well: the work of Arthur Russell, Jimmy Giuffre, and Eno's recordings in the 1970's for the Obscure label mesh with Town and Country's already original and minimally lush sound.



  • 1 Going To Kakamura
  • 2 I'm Appealing
  • 3 Garden
  • 4 The Bells
  • 5 I Am So Very Cold
  • 6 Palms
  • 7 Bookmobile

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