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Thrill Jockey
thrill 052 - 1998

The Nerves are comprised of Elliot Dicks (drums), Seth Skudrick (bass, backing vocals), and Rob Datum (guitar, vocals). The three started playing together early in 1997, and they have been burning it up ever since. The music is pure Rock and Roll. They play short, frenetic sets that leave both band and audience gasping for air. Datum's guitar style conjurs up images of early Wipers as he holds the guitar vertically shifting his hands from cord to note and back faster than it takes the sweat to fly off of Dicks’ brow. Skudrick holds it together with a steady bass line and a cool as shit demeanor.

Rock and Roll is certainly not new but the lean sound and intensity of the NERVES make them impossible to ignore. In the short time the three have been playing shows together they have grabbed the attention and the supporting slot with the likes of Shellac, Dead Moon, and Eleventh Dream Day (a few bands that know a little about a guitar). The NERVES record captures that live intensity. Recorded and mixed by Mark Schwartz at Uber Studios in a little over three days, the record contains virtually no overdubs!!!

No hair dye needed - the NERVES music demands attention and reminds us what rock and roll is all about: wreckless abandon.



  • 1 Show Your Love
  • 2 Miss Train
  • 3 Message To You
  • 4 Be So Mean
  • 5 Blackbearded Woman
  • 6 Here Comes Love
  • 7 She's Of God
  • 8 Try To Understand
  • 9 I Looked At You
  • 10 Want To Love
  • 11 Devil Baby
  • 12 I Know
  • 13 Goddamn

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