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Thrill Jockey
Thrill 065 - 2000

Still is a record of songs created by Sue Garner and Rick Brown. The material ranges from songs fully written by Sue to tracks based on rhythm loops to a little appropriation of the music of the Equals. The dissolution of Run On allowed for reflection that reminded them of the fruitful period before the inception of that band and after Fish & Roses ended. In that transition, Sue and Rick had worked on tunes and recorded them at home to help with the composition process. The resulting demos, many of which later became Run On songs, still sound good and have the freedom and intimacy peculiar to home recording. Later, Sue recorded To Run More Smoothly, her solo debut, in her New York apartment. In their fifteen year musical partnership, Sue and Rick have always tried to make music that is both complex, challenging and tuneful. They are interested in the exploration of group dynamics as well as recording techniques. Still is a beautiful testament to years together and lessons learned along the way.

A few words from Rick Brown:
Following Sue's To Run …example, we decided to invest our time and spare cash into a (decidedly eccentric) collection of home studio gear, a set up custom made for just us two. A souped-up Macintosh G3 sits shoulder to shoulder with an Atari Mega4 ST. We used ADATs and Child Guidance's superb "Talk n' Play" technology. Engineering techniques were both borrowed and learned from people whom we consider role models: Chris Stamey, Rod Hui, Casey Rice, John McEntire, Monique Alba & Larry Crane. When all else fails there is good old "trial and error". Saving us from the latter and enhancing the benefits of the former, Chris Stamey honed our tracks, helped us fill in the gaps, and then mixed the record at his own Modern Recordings. Sue's experiences playing solo shows had strengthened her already fine guitar playing and helped us learn how to incorporate samples and sequences in our recordings. It was all so much fun we invited a few friends to join in:
Chris Stamey, engineer/co-producer,
Douglas McCombs, bass and lap steel,
Doug Weiselman, clarinets and saxophones,
Tara Key, guitar
Sue and Rick: vocals/guitar/drums/bass/synthesizers/clarinet/violin



  • 1 Synthbug
  • 2 I Like The Name Alice
  • 3 Asphalt Road
  • 4 Let Us Out
  • 5 Absorbed
  • 6 It's So Hard
  • 7 Damp Spirit
  • 8 Bomb Squad
  • 9 Swimmingly
  • 10 Short and Semi-Sweet
  • 11 Molly My
  • 12 Fussy Fuss

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