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To Run More Smoothly

Thrill Jockey
thrill 051 - 1998

To Run More Smoothly is the record many people have been waiting on for some time now. Besides being Sue Garner's (Run On, Fish and Roses, The Shams and The Last Round Up) first ever solo record To Run More Smoothly is that needed breathe of fresh air when you've first discovered your new favorite record. To Run More Smoothly was recorded this past summer at Chris Stamey's Modern Recording Studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and in New York City. Sue's apartment and a rehearsal room in midtown Manhattan's notorious "Music Building" served as the NYC studios' and the collective nature of North and South is apparent on the record. Beginning immediately with "Nightfall" your swept up into a dreamy city-like state of sounds and melodies. Merle Haggard's "Silver Wings" is a unique and remarkably heart felt rendering, and less than literal interpretation of the original. The record giving off the warm glosw of a good tube compressor continues to twist and turn with an equal balance of disonant melodia, "Intuition", staightforward and just plain beauty "Continuous Play". To Run More Smoothly is augmented by the stylings of Rick Brown (synth, sequencer, percussion, drums, samples), Georgia Hubley (drums), Katie Gentile (violin), Chris Stamey (bass, guitar, harmonium) and Phillip Johnston (sax) whom are personal friends of Sue's who provide warm tone and color to this very personal and intimate recording.



  • 1 Nightfall
  • 2 Dear Darling
  • 3 Rose Colored Glue
  • 4 Box And You
  • 5 Glazed
  • 6 Silver Wings
  • 7 Intuition
  • 8 A Life
  • 9 Sense Enough
  • 10 Item's Song
  • 11 Something Else
  • 12 Goodbye
  • 13 Continuous Play

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