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White Hills

Thrill Jockey
thrill 232 - 2010

CD version is presented in a 4 panel mini-LP style jacket with a 4 page full color booklet.  The CD & LP versions have different cover art, tracks, and sequences.  LP Version is HERE

Formed by Dave W. on guitar and Ego Sensation on bass, White Hills are an ever changing entity and always striving to push the envelope. "Heads On Fire", out of print on vinyl and CD, was Thrill Jockey's first White Hills release in partnership with London's Rocket Recordings. The album winds through a sonic maze a la Hawkwind, with a nod to the more gritty fuzzed out playing of Mudhoney. The out of print "Dead" EP that followed, explored more drone heavy territory and textured soundscapes. "White Hills" finds the band at a break through point musically. It is still heavy and would certainly be labeled "Space Rock" but it finds the band employing a more open and free flowing style of playing.

Recorded over the course of three days in the summer of 2009, basic tracks for the album were laid down at The Ocropolis, Oneida's studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All drums on the album were played by Kid Millions of Oneida. Later some overdubbing, vocal tracking and mixing were done at 60B in Manhattan. In contrast to previous recordings that were very rigid and adhering to the rehearsed versions, the self-titled album is loose and open. Dave W. wanted to "let things fly" in the studio. The focus was not so much on precision but on capturing the emotion in the playing. At one point while recording the track "Dead", Kid dropped one of his sticks but kept on barreling through the track. What was a mess up ended up adding an new dimension to the song. Everyone thought it was amazing so it was kept in. Dave W. is a very guttural guitar player and whether it's live or in the studio, his goal is to create an emotive experience for the listener. "White Hills" stands apart from previous albums in that there's a certain intimacy to it, a toughness and brutality. In the mind of the band, it is a rebirth, a new beginning, and the eponymous title reflects this.

The LP and CD versions are not only different in artwork, they are sequenced differently with the respective formats in mind. The CD will have three exclusive tracks and is in a deluxe mini-gatefold LP jacket with a full-color booklet. The LP will have two exclusive tracks, come with a download that includes the CD tracks, and have a silver foil embossed sleeve. The band are about to tour with Pontiak in Europe in early 2010, and will follow with a spring tour of the States.


  • 1 Dead
  • 2 Counting Sevens
  • 3 Three Quarters
  • 4 Let The Right One In
  • 5 We Will Rise
  • 6 Glacial
  • 7 Polvere Di Stelle