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Agit Itter It It

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Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.24 - 2002

2001 was a triumphant year for the lads in Mouse on Mars. Not only did they release their latest soul bending masterpiece, Idiology, but they also conquered the minds’ of audiences around the globe on a marathon tour. Now to cap off their victories, Jan St Werner and Andi Toma are preparing to release the perfect appendix to such productive activity.

“Agit Itter It It” was released as an import 12” in November, and was sold out before it’s release. Thrill Jockey has now expanded for the CD format to include one exclusive track to the digital version (“Spedualist”) and one song from the bonus 7” (“Introduce Live”). “Agit”’s sounds, while recorded during the Idiology sessions, may harken back to the more purely electronic tones of Mouse on Mars’ earlier releases while still pushing the sonic envelope towards new and uncharted territory. And really, could we expect anything less from Jan, Andi, Dodo & friends?



  • 1 Spontanous Reconstruction
  • 2 Untitled States Of
  • 3 Milleader
  • 4 Moral Sack It
  • 5 Repressend
  • 6 Spedualist
  • 7 Introduction (Live)

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