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Thrill Jockey
thrill 045 - 1997

Mouse on Mars is Jan St Werner and Andi Toma. Two years have passed since the critically acclaimed Iaora Tahiti which spawned two singles in England, "Bib" and the infectuous "Saturday Night World Cup Fieber". That’s not to say that they haven’t been busy. Between producing records for Stereolab and Kraftwerk’s Wolfgang Flur, they made music for an ill-fated Tony Danza film, worked on music with the High Llamas, did a Peel Session and earlier this summer released, Cache Coeur Naif, an ep that featured the singing talents of Laetitia Sadier and Mary Hansen from Stereolab. The video for "Cache Coeur Naif" received considerable air play on MTV’s AMP show and the record has been well received by both press and college radio.

Autoditacker (an amalgamation of the titles of the best selling LP of the past year or a play on the self-descriptive "autodidact" depending on whether they’re lying or not) was recorded over the past year at their studio in Dusseldorf, and is being dubbed the "overprogrammed" record. Autoditacker is the most programmed record they’ve made thus far containing with a very few exceptions only material that had been originally recorded by the band producing quanities and qualities of sounds like never before. That’s not to say the band went techno as their musical socialization comes from popular "band music". The songs contain guitars, bass, drums and other natural sound sources and are helped along by the inclusion of synthetic and digital sounds, samplers and effect devices. Recording at home offered Mouse on Mars the opportunity to fuse techniques, knowledge and wisdom in creating their most produced and arranged record yet. Autoditacker offers something for everyone whether it’s dance, beats or pop.


  • 1 sw shop
  • 2 ju ju
  • 3 twitt shoeblade
  • 4 tamagnocchi
  • 5 dark fx
  • 6 scat
  • 7 tux & damask
  • 8 sehnsud
  • 9 x-files
  • 10 schnick schnack meltmade
  • 11 rondio
  • 12 maggots hell wigs

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