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Thrill Jockey
thrill 127 - 2003

Glam was originally made available as a limited vinyl-only release in 1998, and represents one of Mouse on Mars' most prolific periods. After a two record stint on American/Too Pure in the early 90's, the band took a break from touring to concentrate on recording. From this period came a flurry of material, and their best selling record to date, Autoditacker. In the wake of Autoditacker's popularity were two vinyl-only releases, Instrumentals and Glam. These two releases were also the initial releases for Sonig, the Mouse on Mars run German label, and both quickly went out of print. Mouse on Mars made Instrumentals available on CD in November of 2000, and has finally decided to reissue the much sought after Glam on CD due to popular demand.

Glam features fifteen densely atmospheric tracks initially composed as a film score for a Hollywood love and drug movie of the same name starring Tony Danza and Ali MacGraw. The music was built around the director's cut. In a parallel chain of events the music was rejected by the director while the movie was rejected by the studio, sending it straight to video. Though scored as a soundtrack, Glam works as an album of its own, presenting the band's most intricate and subtle compositions. The CD version of Glam comes with three bonus tracks not included previously on the vinyl version.



  • 1 Port Dusk
  • 2 Grindscore
  • 3 Snap Bar
  • 4 Tankpark
  • 5 Mood Leck Backlash
  • 6 Rerelease Hysteresis
  • 7 Pool, Smooth And Hidden
  • 8 Flim
  • 9 Tiplet Metal Plate
  • 10 Hi Court Low Cut
  • 11 Funky Tiste
  • 12 Starroom
  • 13 Litamin
  • 14 Hetzchase Nailway
  • 15 Glim

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