Pickly Dred Rhizzoms

  • 12" No longer available

Thrill Jockey
thrill 12.14 - 1999

The men from Cologne return with another piece of wax for those in search of the irresistable groove. Pickly Dred Rhizzoms follows closely in the tradition of Mouse on Mars' Thrill Jockey release, Autoditacker. Less subtle and experimental than prior releases, Glam and Instrumentals, P.D.R. is a return to the unabashed glory of the quick beats and electromagic that make Mouse on Mars "the Funkadelic of the 90's." The millenium is set to terminate, but this German duo's electronic knowhow should be enough to smack any Y2K naysayer upside the head.

Pickly Dred Rhizzoms is five tracks built upon polytonal harmonics, broken beats and polyrhythmical paradoxons. Quarter tones, electro- acoustic excursions and simultanious playings of different idioms are combined into sonic collages for a unique blast. Hymns, ballads, floorkillers, atonalities and skewed avant-gardism jostle and collide in delicate superimposings. Fully danceable for those whose physics are not tied to the straight bass n' drum reign.


  • 1 Tape Me Baby
  • 2 Stuffed Funk
  • 3 Endlosrille
  • 4 Pulsacion
  • 5 Shamp Hare Rama
  • 6 Tickly Red Rhizzoms

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