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Thrill Jockey
thrill 125 - 2003

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Recorded shortly after completing One Bedroom, Glass immediately proves to be a departure form the classic Sea & Cake song writing style. Certainly a surprise for those who think they have come to know what to expect from The Sea and Cake, the album opens with a double dose of "To the Author" with the second stripped down and reprogrammed version serving as an extension of the first. The two songs back to back lend the favor of showcasing John McEntire’s considerable production skills while uncovering a new found patience with allowing the instrumental song structure to develop unto itself. Prekop’s dulcet toned vocal styling helps separate the two personalities on each version via unique delivery and enunciation. "Traditional Wax Coin" follows and features Prewitt on piano submersed in McEntire’s backdrop of beats; here the band is at perhaps their most experimental moment to date. The fourth track on Glass, "An Echo In," has acquired acclaim from European and nationwide audiences alike after performances at London’s Union Chapel, as well as on the most recent US tour. Built upon a propulsive synthesizer line, Prekop delivers the perfect companion with sleepy vocals and a compelling story line.

The final three tracks on Glass are songs from One Bedroom reinterpreted by Stereolab, Broadcast, and Carl Craig. Fans of any of the aforementioned artists will certainly appreciate these tracks. The Broadcast mix will surely test the bass capacity of your speakers, while Detroit’s own second wave of techno superstar Carl Craig and Stereolab both serve up the Cake like its never been served before.

Glass also features a video by Richard McGuire, former bassist of Liquid Liquid. He chose to do an animated illustration of the Sea & Cake’s version of Bowie’s "Sound and Vision." The video concept is itself a reinterpretation of a drawing by Saul Steinberg that was published in the New Yorker (where McGuire is an illustrator), and extended it’s premise for a series of illustrations for "Sound and Vision".



  • 1 To The Author (Version 1)
  • 2 To The Author (Version 2)
  • 3 Traditional Wax Coin
  • 4 An Echo In
  • 5 Tea and Cake (Mix By Stereolab)
  • 6 Interiors (Broadcast Remix)
  • 7 Hotel Tell (C's Mix)

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