In The Sun

Carrot Top Records
saki-015 - 1997

"[A record of] exquisite melancholy and parched charm...[Prewitt] is an individual of impeccable and idiosyncratic tastes, who has crafted an album that recalls the sorrow of Nick Drake and the intricacies of Felt; a man prone to sadness, but not to writing love songs; a musician who strolls through the outlying fields of Chicago, orchestrating trumpets in his head and pondering the meaning of it all. He writes songs of scuffed beauty and astonishing originality." - James Oldham, NME 


  • 1 Leave It Gone
  • 2 Good Man
  • 3 Rush Hour
  • 4 You Walk By
  • 5 I'm All You Know
  • 6 In The Midst
  • 7 Work
  • 8 The Best Is Yet To Come
  • 9 Moore County Run
  • 10 City Ride
  • 11 Let Me Fade Away
  • 12 In The Sun

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